also let it be noted that i will probably be needing new admins this school year! how it will work is:

first off, if you apply to be a temp admin, that means that the one time you apply will be put on the list and deleted once you’re done administering for about a week or however long i need you to. if you liked being an admin and want to again, then you need to message me again to be put on the list again.

second, it would be difficult and complicated to have more admin than one at a time. so what i mean by temporary admin is that i will ask to post compliments for a limited amount of time (1 week, 2 weeks, etc). i add you to this blog as an admin and give you access to the powerpoint presentation on google docs that holds all 1k+ compliments on it.

i know that it will probably be really weird at first and you can’t just start off making compliments without getting shown how to do it first so from now on if you apply as an admin then you will also need to include your skype and make sure that your ask is open so i can message you when i need you to be a temp admin. also, this will be handy because i would like to talk everything over with you before you are an admin just to make sure that you are trustworthy about these compliments and the importance of keeping them private.

if you do not have a skype, just tell me so, and we can discuss other options (but really its 2014 why wouldnt you have a skype)

okay well thats all the info i can think of right now. keep in mind that even after all that stuff i am still OPENLY taking potential admins! message me that you would like to me put on the list and include your skype and i’ll put you down tomorrow!

Anonymous: "You okay? You haven't posted any compliments in a while i hope u r good and having a good day love you!"

yes im great actually! i am just feeling a bit overwhelmed atm, i just started high school today and had literally an hour between the end of school and band practice which just ended, i think now might be the time to message a person on the potential admin list to be a temp admin just because i need to focus more on school and marching band for right now. there are a lot of other things happening too rn like my birthday is in about a week (i’m going to be 14!) and my friends are kind of fighting and i’m trying my best to hang out as much as possible with my boyfriend. 

so i will be messaging the first person on the list now! thank you for this message, i love how much you guys care


I really like how when you search my tag in mobile, phandom-compliments is a “related blog”

aww this is cute :3 its because you interact with this blog so much aw




phandom-compliments — appreciation post?

guys, be a doll and reblog this and help get this to phandom-compliments

thank you darling!!! i appreciate you guys all as well, i hope you have a lovely day, you’re wonderful ^_^
linksfaerie: "yeah I agree phandom compliments is way cool even if I'm slightly sad I've never gotten one .-."

don’t be sad! the point of the blog isnt for everyone to receive a compliment, it’s for everyone to give a compliment ^^ ily tho

Anonymous: "Idk phandom-compliments is pretty cool"

nawww :D ily guys <3

Anonymous: "does it have to be a phandom blog? or can they just be in the phandom? x"

they don’t necessarily have to be a phan/phandom/youtube blog but yes i would like everyone being complimented to be in the phandom!!

Anonymous: "If you're talkin about amaz-ing-phil, with the submitting yourself comments thing, it's def not her. Hannah's tumblr's been hacked before, and her friends like to screw with it. So pls don't bash bae"

i didn’t ‘bash bae’ it’s been multiple people who have submitted themselves/who have followed me and directly afterward there’s been a compliment about themselves, not just them. i wouldn’t make a rule for just one person being obnoxious, many people do it. i mean yeah isn’t it a perfect opportunity? there’s a blog there that promotes people so why don’t i just promote myself? but thats not really the point you get me?


Cred ♥